For Supervisor: Support

Richmond Employee Assistance Program (REAP) offers supervisors assistance from qualified counselors for employees with personal and professional difficulties affecting their job performance. REAP is an effective, comprehensive people management tool providing assistance to managers and supervisors.

How do I use REAP?

Employees come to REAP through Formal or Self-Referrals.

Formal Referral: You can require an employee to see a REAP counselor to discuss a work-related problem with

  • attendance
  • work performance or productivity
  • corporate substance abuse policy violations
  • inappropriate personal behavior.

If you formally refer an employee to REAP, the employee will be asked by the REAP counselor for written permission in order to provide you with appropriate feedback. Click this link to print the Formal Referral Form. Complete the form and email it to

Self-Referral: You can also recommend REAP for free counseling and referral services to any employee or family member experiencing personal problems such as

  • marriage or family conflict
  • relationship issues
  • communication problems
  • job stress
  • anxiety or depression
  • substance misuse or abuse
  • legal problems
  • financial difficulties.

Appointments are typically available within 2 business days, and emergency help is available 24 hours a day. You will not receive any information about the employee’s involvement with REAP.

What other services are available to supervisors?

REAP offers personal development seminars for your employees on topics including communications skills, conflict resolution strategies, alleviating job stress, and coping with other family or emotional issues. You may contact REAP to arrange for a seminar any time you believe that your employees would benefit from participating a group learning environment.

A REAP counselor can be available to your employees for on-site counseling following a traumatic incident such as the death of an employee, employee layoffs, or a workplace accident.

REAP certified substance abuse professionals will assist your company in designing, implementing and managing a substance abuse policy in the workplace and provide periodic training sessions for managers and supervisors on substance abuse policy enforcement.

REAP provides consultation services to management and human resources departments for policy development.

Frontline Supervisor is a monthly publication provided by REAP that offers insight into common workplace issues. Ask your Human Resource or Personnel department to be included on the email list.

REAP brochures are available to provide employees with an overview of REAP services available to them. Call our office to request brochures.

Is it confidential?

Self-referring clients’ contact and interaction with REAP is strictly confidential except in crisis and protection situations (risk or suicide, violence or child abuse).

Formally referred clients are asked to give written permission for the REAP counselor in order to provide the employer with appropriate feedback.

How do I contact REAP?

Contact REAP at 804-270-4068.

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