For Employees: Your Benefits

Richmond Employee Assistance Program (REAP) is a benefit offered by your employer to you or a family member who may be experiencing a personal or professional difficulty. Qualified counselors are available to help you feel better about yourself, your relationships and your job performance.

How do I use REAP?

You can contact REAP through self or formal referral.

Self-Referral: You or a family member can contact a REAP counselor directly.
No information will be disclosed to your employer unless you authorize it.

Formal Referral: If you are having performance issues at work, your supervisor may require that you contact REAP. You will be asked by the counselor for written permission to have the counselor and your supervisor discuss your work performance problem.

What services are provided?

A REAP counselor is available to help you or your family members with the assessment of a personal problem including marital and family issues, depression or emotional distress, financial concerns, or professional counseling for alcohol or drug misuse, .

The number of counseling sessions with REAP varies, depending on the nature of the problem and the individual’s desire to solve the problem. Your counselor can also refer you to a community resource best qualified to provide services for additional care.

Is it confidential?

Asking for help from REAP is strictly confidential. Always. Any information you disclose during your session with your REAP counselor is strictly confidential except in crisis and protection situations (risk of suicide, violence or child abuse). Employers are never contacted about clients who choose to use REAP.

If a supervisor has formally referred you because problems are causing work difficulties, your REAP counselor will request your written permission in order to provide appropriate feedback to your employer.

Who can use the program?

Full-time employees and their immediate families have access to all REAP services.

How much does it cost?

REAP is a benefit paid for by your employer, at no cost to you. Call REAP at (804) 270-4068 or your Human Resources department to find out how many free sessions you are entitled to receive.

If a counselor refers you for additional help, the charges for counseling, health, or other professional services will be your responsibility. The REAP counselor will make every effort to help you find quality care at reasonable cost.

Once all company paid benefits have been used, clients may continue in counseling with their REAP counselor, if clinically appropriate, at their own expense. By using this extended counseling benefit, there is no need to ‘start over’ with another counselor or meet any health insurance requirements for authorization.

How do I get help?

Contact REAP at (804) 270-4068

Appointments are typically available within 2 business days.

If for some reason you are unable to keep your appointment or need to reschedule, please contact the REAP office as soon as possible.

Where is REAP located?

You can now meet your REAP counselor virtually for your complete convenience.

Richmond, Virginia
406 West Franklin Street, by request only

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