Helping Richmond employees
for more than 20 years


Everyone has problems from time to time – problems with money, marriage, children, drugs or alcohol – and that's just to name a few.


If you are experiencing a difficulty in your life, your employer cares. Your employer is concerned about how problems affect you and your family and understands that these issues may impact your job performance. Your employer wants to help.


If you're an employee of a company that participates in REAP, a qualified counselor is ready to help you feel better about yourself, your relationships and your job performance.


If you're a supervisor or manager in a company that participates with REAP, your employer has provided you with an effective and comprehensive people management tool to help you help your employees become more productive.


If you're a Richmond Metro business, school or municipality, REAP offers an extraordinarily cost-efficient way to promote increased productivity, lower employee-related costs and help your employees achieve a work/life balance that leads to a happier, more satisfying workplace for everyone.


If your business in not a member of REAP, what are you waiting for?